Our approach

Our dedication to ESG investing at Wealthnetglobaltrade is a crucial component of our goal to be the most client-focused asset manager.

  • We will expand on our experience as we manage more than $2 billion in dedicated ESG AUM. Currently, we are in charge of managing more than 115 ESG funds and mandates.
  • Currently, the ESG integration rate is around 83%. By 2035, Wealthnetglobaltrade wants all of its investment capacities to be 100% ESG integrated.2 - For more than 5 years, we have been implementing ESG techniques, and today we provide through equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives, real estate, ETFs, and customized solutions.

ESG investing is viewed by Wealthnetglobaltrade as a strategic competitive differentiator. It gives us the ability to deliver consistent, long-term performance in ways that serve our goal of offering an investment experience that encourages people to collaborate to generate bigger possibilities. We are working to incorporate ESG concepts into our business operations and investing strategies.

Our notion that ESG variables affect both risk management and sustainable value generation forms the foundation of Wealthnetglobaltrade's ESG philosophy. Incorporating ESG opportunity and risk elements into investment decisions is the main goal of our strategy. In 2020, we released our Statement of ESG Investing Beliefs, which outlines our ESG stance. It reaffirms our commitment to incorporating financially significant ESG issues into our investing procedures and is signed by both our CEO and Senior Managing Director of Investments.

Putting ESG at the forefront of our role as investors

*Critical Information

Wealthnetglobaltrade measures the degree to which ESG factors have an impact on investing decisions using a proprietary approach. The ESG integration level, which is characterized as modest but systematic integration, has been accomplished by about 85% of Wealthnetglobaltrade's investment teams as of this writing.