Using equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives, real estate, ETFs, and customized solutions, Wealthnetglobaltrade has been applying ESG initiatives for over 5 years. Each of our investment centers has a distinct strategy that is outlined in the investing process and the appropriate asset class. We provide a range of ESG implementation strategies that take into account the various needs of our clients.

Spotlight on ETFs

ESG exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are expanding quickly as investors harness the benefits of ETFs for their diverse ESG needs.Wealthnetglobaltrade has been a pioneer in the management of ETFs for the past 7 years, delivering investors numerous improvements. Today, we offer a variety of ETFs, including those for fixed income, equity, and alternative markets, as well as asset allocation tools that let investors spread their investments among different asset classes. Our passive ETFs mimic the composition of well-known market indices and give investors complete insight into the investment process.

*Critical Information

Source: Wealthnetglobaltrade, as of December 31, 2021. Our ESG specialized product offerings are included in our definition of ESG AUM. A portfolio or account must have binding ESG criteria above the minimal regulatory standards in order to fall within the category of ESG AUM. This categorization is assessed independently and separately from any ESG factor inclusion into the core investment process. This method of categorization covers portfolios or accounts with criteria as diverse as simple exclusionary screening, thematic tactics, and multi-pronged ESG optimization schemes.