Real Estate
Wealthnetglobaltrade, the leading commercial real estate platform, currently has a tranche of Class A & B properties, $300M of a total of $2.5B (USD), are now being offered to major investors.

Investments can be made through the company’s platform powered by advanced blockchain technology, allowing for a more secure investment in Wealthnetglobaltrade.

Historically, smaller investors weren’t permitted or invited to participate in major $20M+ projects because the price of entry was too high, making it a challenge to access higher-quality investments. By Investing with Wealthnetglobaltrade platform, customers can invest alongside major institutional companies with similar or exact search terms. With the first tranche now available, investors will have freedom of liquidity.


Our properties are located at prime areas which guarantees return on investment.


We have been in business for over 2 years, for clients in diaspora you can trust us to deliver well finished homes.


Our homes are very affordable, we have something for both the high & middle class earners with flexible payment plans.


Our estates comes with good road network, portable water, 24hrs eletricity & round the clock security etc.

Fantastic people. Exceptional outcomes. The time is right to join the Wealthnetglobaltrade Community.