Our 3 core values for corporate responsibility

Our desire to collaborate for the benefit of our clients, the communities we serve, and our coworkers is at the core of our business.

  • Supporting a society where diverse individuals and ideas can flourish
  • Making ethical investments that are consistent with our clients' long-term objectives
  • Providing for excellent governance and sustainable operations

Cultivating a culture that is inclusive and diverse

Our actions foster a culture where diversity can flourish. Our inclusive notion of diversity encourages worker wellbeing, equity, and inclusion throughout our company.

  • Employee participation
  • Fair labor practices
  • Training and career advancement
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Corporate donations and volunteerism by employees

ESG investments that support the long-term objectives of our clients

Integrating ESG into our products, investment stewardship, and distribution while aligning with our clients' long-term interests will provide us the greatest opportunity to have an effect. Our activities demonstrate our commitment to comprehending the distinct investment philosophies of our clients and ensuring that our investments are in line with their goals.

  • Active involvement/ownership
  • Climate risk
  • The incorporation of ESG factors into investing decisions
  • Proxy voting
  • Sustainable investment solutions.
  • Systemic risk reduction
  • Fair advice and transparent information for customers

Strong governance and sustainable operations

We conduct our internal affairs in a moral, open, and responsible manner. We operate in a manner that reduces our negative effects on the environment while safeguarding and improving outcomes for our stakeholders.

  • Diversity on the board
  • Corporate governance and risk management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business ethics and moral character
  • Data security and privacy
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Financial performance
  • Human rights
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Involvement in public policy
  • Responsible sourcing and procurement
  • Openness and disclosure

Here's how we work together


Racial equity is a priority for us as we work to further enhance Wealthnetglobaltrade's diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes "Count Me In," our company's first ever worldwide employee self-identification campaign, which will guide our diversity approach going forward.


We support current community connections, particularly those with organizations that promote financial literacy, a component of our corporate responsibility program that enables us to share our knowledge with audiences other than our clientele. We also support organizations working to advance racial justice as well as new partners who offer crucial assistance in relation to the pandemic.

ESG Investing

We integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values throughout our company and into our investing plans. It is, in our opinion, a crucial component of the solution for a sustainable future.

Governance, security, and ethics

We conduct and run our business by holding ourselves to the greatest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility.

Supplier Diversity

Our dedication to strengthening connections with different suppliers is reflected in our Supplier Diversity Program.


In order to support the aim of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we have signed the Net Zero Asset Management initiative as part of our global efforts to lessen the effects of climate change on our planet.

Corporate Responsibility Report

“The dedication of Wealthnetglobaltrade to its employees, customers, and communities lies at the core of its mission”, according to Ryan Gilbert, Global head of corporate responsibility. “We put a lot of effort into promoting an inclusive culture, making ethical investments, assuring sustainable operations, and having solid governance.”

Corporate responsibility is everyone’s responsibility at Wealthnetglobaltrade

We are committed to making a difference in how we manage money, develop our workforce and lift our communities. We come to work each day knowing that our daily efforts benefit life-saving medical research. This Prosper with Purpose model is a source of pride and inspiration for every Wealthnetglobaltrade employee. 

Positively Impacting Our Communities

Employees are encouraged to become involved in their communities and support their commitments by participating in non-profit organizations and providing different ways to give and make their contributions go further through matching and grant making. In fact, over 7,000 volunteer hours annually are contributed by our employees.

A commitment to service is fundamental to our culture. Whether it is our clients, our colleagues, or our communities, we have dedicated ourselves to leveraging our skills, experience and resources to make a positive impact.

Since we re-emerged as an employee-owned firm just over seven years ago, we’ve volunteered 40,000 hours, worked with 9,000 children, served 26,000 meals and beautified hundreds of community spaces around the world.

Strategic Community Partnerships

While we volunteer with nearly 85% of our grantees globally, two of our key community partners receive the highest level of service from our employees—allowing us to create a positive, critical impact on these organizations and the children they serve;

The Association to Benefit Children(ABC) is a "best-in-class" organization dedicated to fostering academic readiness and life preparedness for disadvantaged children and their families through comprehensive services designed to permanently break the cycle of poverty. ABC receives significant funding from the Foundation and has welcomed hundreds of Wealthnetglobaltrade employee volunteers throughout our longstanding collaboration.

Fiver Children’s Foundation is a comprehensive youth-development organization that makes a ten year commitment to children from underserved communities throughout the New York area. Through summer and year-round programming, Fiver empowers children to make healthy decisions, become engaged citizens, and succeed in school, and beyond. Since 2016 Wealthnetglobaltrade employees have teamed up with Fiver to create “Fiver fund Camp”, a signature afterschool financial education program taught by Wealthnetglobaltrade volunteers - covering everything from “smart spending” to “money and the economy” to “stocks and bonds”. The Camp ends with a stock market where Fiver students can put their learning into practice and increase their exposure to the world of investing.